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The Perfect Sleep Chair Reviews & Testimonials


"I recently received my Perfect Sleep Chair and I am enjoying it more than I thought I would! Awesome Product!"


- Marilyn T. (TX)



"Absolutely, love the chair! A dream come true, especially now since I can sleep once again."


- John S. (CT)



"The Perfect Sleep Chair is one of the first easy recliners I have owned, that I am finally able to get up out of the chair and stand without any help. That alone is a blessing, since I had tried several others that did not even come close to the comfort or the support this gives. Thanks firstSTREET for offering us seniors a wonderful product!"


- Annie I. (CA)



"Comfortable, well built, does everything I could need. Thank you for such great quality."


John N. (AR)



"I bought The Perfect Sleep Chair with help from an ad in Reminisce Magazine. I had hip replacement surgery and this chair was a perfect way to sleep comfortably as well as sit up in the day and, even better, get up without a lot of strain. I highly recommend it. No problems whatsoever!"


- Harry (TN)



"I am very satisfied with my Perfect Sleep Chair. It is comfortable and PERFORMS as described. I am tall, so ordered the 5-inch Footrest Extension, which proved beneficial. The Customer Service Representatives I talked with were knowledgeable, helpful and courteous. All in all, an excellent product with ‘The Lift to Standing Position’ that I need."


- John A. (VA)



"I absolutely love this chair. It is so comfortable & helpful. I have R/Arthritis, fibromyalgia, two hip replacements & one shoulder replacement plus back problems and feel like I have been really blessed to have this chair. It is so easy to use & so easy to fall asleep in. Can’t tell you how much I love all the comfortable features. Could never be without it, I am surely spoiled!!!!"


- Joyce M. (AK)



"I just ordered our second chair because my husband wants ‘his chair’ back! For two months I have used his chair after having a second spinal lumbar fusion. I have had a great recovery with PT and ‘his chair’, with the lift and the massage and the comfort to secure the bone growth. I am indeed thankful for this product!!!"


- Carol F. (IL)



"I have only had this chair for 5 days but it is everything it says it is and more. Massage is wonderful, chair conforms to any position you would like. Where has this been all my life? I have sleep. I usually get less than 1 hour at a time for sleep, last night almost 4 hours in my chair love it worth every penny thank you."


John G. (CT)



"This chair lives up to every single good thing the ads say about it. It is the most comfortable chair I have ever sat addition to being beautiful luxuriant leather. It was purchased for my husband who is ill and spends his entire waking hours in it. He is delighted with all of the features. Representatives in the order department and in customer service were most helpful and I received the chair ten days after ordering. My thanks for a great product!"


Margaret C. (FL)



"I had a lift chair which was so uncomfortable that I was miserable every time I used it. I saw an ad im my AARP magazine and decided to call about it for more information. It was a lot of money but for the quality and comfort, it is well worth the money. It’s top quality. I’m so glad I bought it. I would recommend it to everybody. I bought the tan leather. It is also easy to keep clean. Thanks for such a great chair."


Leona A (LA)



"Thank you for your timely response back to me. I am happy to report that my chair was delivered yesterday. I am so happy! The chair is perfect! I finally had a good night’s rest. Most importantly I have found positions that take some pressure off my legs and ankles lowering my pain level. So far the chair is performing for me just as I hoped it would. Sincerely A happy Perfect Sleep Chair customer."


- Michael W.



"Jerry absolutely loves his chair. I have a hard time keeping him out of it. Not a day has passed since the arrival of the Perfect Sleep Chair, that he always comments that he ‘sure loves his chair’. It is a beautiful chair and, by the way, the color turned out to be perfect for our room just as you assured us it would be. Thank you for that. By the way, I did get to sit in the chair once!"


- Ellen & Jerry (Redmon, OR)