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It does everything the best talking readers do, but in a portable, totally convenient format

Talking Readers offer amazing, almost-magical assistance for those with vision issues, but if you don’t have one handy when the need arises, opportunities for important—often crucial—information can be lost. This highly portable reader contains a very small camera that takes a picture of whatever it is you’re unable to read, projects that enlarged text onto the 6" touchscreen, and then reads it aloud to you.

When you need to know right then what’s written on that label, what prescription is in a particular pill bottle, the ingredients in the cereal on a high shelf, or how much the check says you owe for lunch, the reader reads those words aloud for you, instantly. And it magnifies them on the screen up to 21 times in high-contrast colors, so you can possibly read them for yourself.

When you’re scanning and capturing paragraphs or pages, the Talking Reader is designed to move smoothly over reading materials. You can customize the touchscreen buttons, tailoring it to your personal needs, and there are two high-definition auto-focus cameras for customization, too. The reader comes with a stand for comfortable use at table or desk. It reads in 25 languages.

This device is small enough to take anywhere, for spot-reading or magnifying nearby objects. It’s compact (6" ht.), thin (14mm), lightweight (9.5 oz.) and fits easily in pocket or purse. There are side grips for easy hold. Use it at grocery, shop, pharmacy, church, restaurant, etc. This is independence on the go.

Product Specs:

  • 6" touch screen magnifier that reads texts aloud
  • Small, compact & portable—fits pocket or purse
  • Views & magnify text, objects & photos
  • 14 mm thin
  • Side grips for easy-hold
  • Instant on/off—ready to use in 1 second
  • High-brightness screen with high-contrast colors for easy reading
  • Customizable touchscreen
  • Portable—use it at store, pharmacy, church, restaurant, etc.
  • 2 high-definition auto-focus cameras to customize your needs
  • Reads in 25 languages
  • Designed to move smoothly over reading materials
  • Comes with reading stand
  • Charging takes approximately 2 hours. Fully charged it can operate for an average time of 3 hours, depending on the power settings.
  • Weight: 9.5 oz
  • Dimensions: 7.2"L x 3.7"W x .55"H