Seat Masseuse
Seat Masseuse

Seat Masseuse

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“Oh, my aching back!”

This massaging seat cushion helps ease back and shoulder pain and helps relieve tension, stiffness and deep-seated cramping in back muscles and buttocks. It combines a variety of massages, and user controls the pressure levels. Choose from shiatsu massage, vibration, rolling massage and spot focused. There are three vibration levels, as well as heat therapy to increase circulation and warm muscles and tendons.

The rotating, kneading massage mechanism travels up and down, focusing in turn and with optimal comfort on full back, upper back and lower back, to relieve weary, painful muscles and body fatigue. The independently controlled spot-focused massage lets you pinpoint any specific areas needing attention. Shock-absorbing massage heads can extend or shrink as they rotate around the spine for pressure control and maximum comfort. There’s a comfy headrest, too that can be removed if not needed.

Product Specs:

  • 4 massage choices: shiatsu, vibration, rolling massage & spot focused
  • User-controlled pressure & vibration levels
  • Works to ease shoulder & back pain
  • Helps relieve tension, stiffness & cramping muscles in back & buttocks
  • Heat therapy to increase circulation & warm muscles & tendons
  • Kneading massage mechanism travels up & down back with optimal comfort
  • Pinpoint trouble spots with Independently controlled spot-focused massage
  • Shock-absorbing heads extend or shrink during massaging
  • 3-level vibration massage for buttocks
  • Great for full back, upper back, lower back & buttocks
  • Weight: 9 lbs
  • Dimensions: 42"L x 17.5"W (approx)