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Bedside leglift: Easy independence!

Sometimes the hardest part of getting into bed is lifting your legs up and over the bedside. That effort requires strength in the hips and legs that many of us just don’t have any more. So we have to wait for a family member or other caregiver to come along, take our legs in hand, and—at risk of injury to themselves—try to maneuver us into a normal position for sleep.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could once again get completely into bed by yourself, comfortably and independently? This inflatable, battery-operated Leglifter raises and lifts your legs into bed for you. You operate it yourself by easy Up and Down remote control buttons, so there’s no need of help from another person.

Leglifter is made of strong polyurethane-coated nylon with air-tight construction. It has an air pressure relief valve so you can’t overinflate. Anchoring flap fits under the edge of your mattress and straps secure to legs of bed—no need for permanent attachment. It’s lightweight and, when deflated, fits unobtrusively beneath bed coverings. Washable cover. Weight capacity: 294 lbs.

Product Specs:

  • Lifts your legs into bed independently
  • Inflatable, battery-operated leg lifter
  • Flap fits under edge of mattress
  • Does not require permanent attachment
  • Made of strong polyurethane-coated nylon
  • Air-tight construction with air pressure relief valve
  • Lightweight, easy to use & store
  • Remote control (Up & Down buttons)
  • Reduces risk of injury to caregivers
  • The Airflow12 compressor is powered by a rechargeable Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery, which means it can be left on charge continuously without causing any damage to the battery or charger.
  • Weight Capacity: 294lbs
  • Washable cover
  • Weight: 3 1/4 lbs
  • Dimensions: 48 3/4"L x 22"W