Leg Motion Massager
Leg Motion Massager
Leg Motion Massager

Leg Motion Massager

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Help mobility and ease pain in legs and feet

Are your lower extremities causing you pain and affecting your mobility? If so, wouldn’t a foot massage be wonderful? Here’s a cost-effective personal massager that utilizes deep tissue therapeutic vibration to help you stay limber and active. Other massagers may not pack a revitalizing punch, but this one does. With 4,000 RPMs of vibrational energy, 30 levels of vibrating massage and a full-sized oscillating foot pad with an arch bar and pressure-point targeting surface, it’s the ultimate choice for relaxation and rejuvenation.

By penetrating high energy into your deep tissue, this massage can relax nerves, ease pain in the muscles and tendons, and increase oxygenated blood flow in the feet. Recommended for those with aches, soreness and tiredness in feet and legs, plantar fasciitis and chronic leg pain. Easy remote control operation (battery included).

Product Specs:

  • Powerful vibrational massage
  • Helps lessen foot & calf pain associated with chronic pain conditions
  • Relaxes & relieves pain associated with sore, achy feet
  • Increases level of oxygenated blood flow to all areas of the foot
  • 30 individual speed & intensity settings
  • Up to 4,000 RPMs of powerful vibrating energy
  • Full-sized oscillating foot pad with arch bar
  • Pressure-point targeting surface
  • Penetrates high energy into deep tissue
  • Helps improve mobility & ease pain in feet AND lower extremities
  • Includes remote (with battery)