Where is the Perfect Sleep Chair made?

The Perfect Sleep Chair is handcrafted right here in the USA.

What fabrics are available?

The Perfect Sleep Chair is available in Duralux Leather and Duralux II Microfiber. Both materials are made to be ultra-strong and stain/water resistant. The Duralux Leather is a high-quality bonded leather, meaning you get the luxurious look and feel of a softer leather, and the strength and durability of bonded leather. Our Duralux Microfiber is a plush, breathable microfiber for those who don’t care for the look and feel of leather.

What if the power goes out while I’m in my Perfect Sleep Chair?

In case of emergency, each chair is equipped with a battery backup system. Once the batteries are added, the chair is capable of lifting itself to the standing position in the event that your home loses power.

Does the chair have weight or height limitations?

The chair is recommended for people up to 375 lbs. and people up to 6’5”. For those who are of a smaller stature (around 5’2” and below), we offer a Petite Perfect Sleep Chair. To learn more about chair sizes and limitations, please call 888-317-9131.

How long does it take to receive my Perfect Sleep Chair once I place my order?

All chairs are built to order. If you purchased a ‘Quick Ship’ chair, you can expect your furniture to arrive in approximately 4 -5 weeks. If you purchased a ‘Special Order’ chair, you can expect delivery within 6 – 8 weeks. Often, chairs will arrive sooner depending on demand, so please anticipate the quoted delivery time.

What is White Glove Delivery?

White Glove Delivery is the method by which each Perfect Sleep Chair is delivered to you. It includes delivery to your home, unpacking of the chair, placing it in the location you’ve chosen and ensuring that the chair is functional. Finally, all packaging materials are removed and hauled away for you. Note: you must have a path cleared and a location available for us to place the chair in.

Is financing available?

We currently do not have any third-party financing options available. Many customers use their credit card to stretch out payments; however, we understand this is not a viable option for everyone. We’re working to find a better option.

What kind of warranty does the chair include?

The frame and lift mechanism of the chair are covered by a limited lifetime warranty. The electronic components are covered for the first 3 years.

What colors does the chair come in?

While classics like beige, brown and burgundy are always around, we periodically add new colors to the line due to customer demand. To see what color options are available, check out the build your chair page.

What is zero gravity and why do you talk about it so much?

Zero gravity (also called neutral body posture) was first discovered by NASA as a way to relieve gravity’s pressure on astronauts upon shuttle launches. It is a position that evenly distributes pressure to the body. It is known to be the most optimal position for somebody who is trying to become relaxed. Not only does it relax the spine, but due to the elevation of the legs, it relieves pressure on the heart and lungs as well. Considering all of the positive effects that zero gravity has on the body, we made sure that the Perfect Sleep Chair accommodated this position.

What is the difference between a medical recliner and a lift chair?

The short answer is, typically there is no difference. Lift chairs go by many names, including medical recliner, power lift recliner and lifting chair. The main point is that the recliner is powered as opposed to an old Lazy-Boy with the handle on the side.

Can I see the Perfect Sleep Chair in person before buying?

While our US based sales and customer service teams are happy to help answer any questions that you may have, we do not have any brick and mortar retail locations for people to visit. By limiting our business model to phone and web-based orders only, we are able to offer the lowest possible price on the Perfect Sleep Chair.

Can I rent a Perfect Sleep Chair for temporary needs?

Unfortunately, no you cannot. Like most furniture, the Perfect Sleep Chair must be field destroyed upon a return due to hygiene standards (kind of like mattresses).

What is the return policy?

If you receive your chair and it is damaged or defective in any way, we’ll be happy to replace the chair or refund you. Otherwise, sales are final, as with most custom made furniture. For any questions regarding returns, please feel free to contact our customer service department at: 800-958-8324.

What part of the chair is heated?

Assuming you have the heat functionality turned on, the back of the chair will heat up and warm your body.

How to I adjust the Perfect Sleep Chair?

Each chair is adjustable to an almost infinite amount of positions by using a simple remote control. There are no mechanical adjustments, knobs or handles to fool with. We thought we’d keep things simple and easy.

How do I know this is the most comfortable recliner chair?

Easy – Check out our reviews and see what other customers are saying. From the overstuffed seat, back and armrests, to the virtually infinite amount of sitting or laying positions available, you’ll love the comfort this chair gives you.

How do you clean the chair if something is spilled on it?

While our chairs are made of stain resistant fabrics, there may come a time where you need to clean it. To do so, simply mix a little soap and water and scrub the area in need of a cleaning. Do not use harsh chemicals or cleaners as these could cause problems with your materials.

How wide is the Perfect Sleep Chair?

The chair has a seat width of 20” and a depth of 21.5” which leaves plenty of room for even larger statured adults.

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